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Knowing a little about how financing works will save you money! 

Get pre-approved. Don't skip this step. Getting pre-approved is fast, easy and free. A written pre-approval includes a completed credit application and a certificate guaranteeing you a mortgage to a specified amount. With one in your pocket, you won't waste time looking at homes you can't afford.

While you're shopping for a loan, also look for the best loan costs.

These may include:


  • Interest rates

  • Broker fees

  • Points (each point is one percent of the amount you borrow)

  • Prepayment penalties

  • Loan term application fees

  • Credit report fees

  • Appraisal costs

*To help you in the process we have many local lenders that are here to help you in finding your next home. *

Converse County Bank

322 Walnut Douglas, Wy 

(307) 358-5300



Stillwater Mortgage

135 S Jackson  Casper, Wy 

(307) 237-7002

Reliant Federal Credit Union

4015 Plaza Dr

Casper, Wy 

(307) 234-1429 x 198

100 Nth 2nd St Douglas, Wy 

(307) 351-2998

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